Toolset Module Manager 1.8.6

Latest version: 1.8.6

$5 / year

Module Manager is a Toolset component that allows you to export and import Toolset elements. You will be able to reuse your work on different sites and also download ready-to-use modules from the Toolset Modules Library.


Toolset Module Manager


Create your own library of building blocks

Module Manager makes it easy to move Toolset elements from one site to another (or to many other sites).

First, install the Toolset Module Manager plugin. You need to install it on the site from which you want to create the modules and on the sites where you want to import modules into.

Toolset module library

To make your development work faster, the Toolset team maintains a library of modules, which you are welcome to download and use on your own sites.

Visit Toolset Modules Library, select a category, download modules and import them to your site. Remember to install the Toolset Module Manager plugin in order to be able to import modules to your sites.

Exporting and Importing post content


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