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GoWordpress is a company that sells reputable WordPress extensions and themes in the current GPL market. Established and developed in 2017, we have provided our products to many customers who want to build their Website at a low price, secure, and update most often without spending too much money. Our goal is to become a leading company in providing products from GNU/ GPL license such as WordPress plugin/theme with great support and the best price for consumers.
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We offer tons of WordPress extensions so you can build your business empire at the lowest cost.

We provide regular & latest updates for items available. We provide 365 days of free updates for single and collections files. Members with active subscription will get regular updates for all listed plugins, themes & extensions.

$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

Captcha Plus 5.1.1

$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

Beaver Builder Pro

$ / year
$ / year
$ / year
$ / year
$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

Amelia Booking System 4.1.0

$ / year
10 $ / year
$ / year
$ / year
$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

PixelYourSite Pro 8.6.4

$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

Yoast Local SEO 14.1

$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

Thrive Clever Widgets 2.5

$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

WPMU Dev Google Maps 2.9.5

$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

WP Job Manager 1.31.0

$ / year
$ / year

Plugin Wordpress

SNIP Rich Snippets 2.28.0

$ / year


Choose GoWordPress to start your project with excellent benefits.

We provide our customers with the best benefits for their projects. It’s time to be a part of the GoWordpress family.

Agency Owner

To minimize the growing costs when maintaining a lot of projects. GoWordpress is suitable for agencies that want to maximize their profits while still fully benefiting from regular updates, security, and unlimited use.

Webmaster – Freelancer

You need to have tests on each plugin to know its functionality and suitability before installing it for your customers. GoWordpress offers products at low prices.

Solo Entrepreneur

Starting a business on your Website, with a total cost of up to $2000 for dozens of plugins, is enormous. You can minimize these risks with GoWordpress.

The best resources are always available

We offers the biggest brands in WordPress plugin/theme development and production. Here you can find the products that are most bought and used by the most. Besides, we always catch the trend to update the hottest resources that customers need.

You want GoWordpress to be more awesome? Just request the item you want in our storage right here.

Love Notes

Customers were surprised when using GoWordpress services.

OMG! I was doubtful about using this website the first time but I decided to basically send my first $5 directly to the trash can but it was not like that, the service is amazing!!
Kathlyn Rolfson / Webmaster

I only spend $ 59 a year on all plugins and unlimited website installation, which is crazy and useful for small agencies like me.

Gabe Fahey / Agency Owner

I received support very quickly. There are a few questions about the buggy plugin installation but are still answered immediately at GoWordpress’s support ticket page.

Hung Cao USA / Freelancer

Premium package gives great benefits because I can save my costs when installing many websites for customers.

Kang Ngo / Solo Entrepreneur

Find your answers

Why price is so cheap?

Free Software Foundation permits to everyone to copy and distribute verbatim copies for Inc. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

  • Subscriptions support us and due to this crowdfunding prices of the products are low.
  • We do not provide license keys and free updates for the products you downloaded.
  • We are not developers of the provided products, so our technical support capabilities are limited.
  • We do not change the functionality of products and do not fix developer bugs.

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are GPL licenced so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like.


The files that are available on this site are 100%. None of the files has been modified and do not contain malware.

We even use them on our site!

All themes and plugins can be directly downloaded from the website of the producing company. We download to our website without any modification. You can use all the files on your website, mind at peace.

We do not sell any products downloaded from third-party resources.


Unfortunately, we’ve had to take another look at this because we felt the fair use policy was being abused. The limit is 10 per user/per day.


There is no limit on themes and plug-ins that you have installed any time.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

Of course, we have this policy. But to avoid being abused, we have some general rules about this that you can see for full here: Refund Policy

However, we always put the customer experience first, so we still have a suitable solution for everyone to feel satisfied in each specific case.

Do you provide a License to Active Plugin / Theme?

Of course not. We offer the product based on the GPL license, shared ownership. Most products on GoWordpress do not require an activation key to use. You need to install it and be able to use all the features.

License Active only works for automatic updates as well as official support from the manufacturer. At GoWordpress, we provide many versions of the plugin as well as continuously updating. There is a new version, and you need to go to your account to download and upload it to your Website. That’s the difference between buying an official plugin for $ 59 and at GoWordpress for $ 5.

We provide our values ​​such as the price is nearly ten times cheaper, updated continuously, ensures there is no virus, and receives necessary support when installing plugins. Suppose you need automatic updates to support problems related to product functionality. Please purchase it at the manufacturer’s main Website.

What about specific themes that require entering a License key to import Demo or Dummy Content?

Most themes at GoWordpress do not need a License key to import Demo. However, there will be a few exceptions when manufacturers update a new version and ask for it.
GoWordpress is commit:

  • Customers will receive the latest, original, and downloadable Themes immediately.
  • Use the theme’s full premium features, such as advanced customization, plugin attachments, Option premium, etc.

We do not support activating the theme to import Dummy Content or Demo as a main demo. Please customize it manually through WordPress’s Customize or Page Builder.

However, with GoWordpress customer service, we still prioritize support for customers when needed. In some cases, we even help customers import demo content to match the template they need. To make sure the themes you buy can do this, contact us on support. We will check and notify you if it is possible.

Can I use plugins and themes purchased from GoWordpress to install them for business purposes?

Of course, you can, with the power of the GNU / GPL license, you can do this without getting permission.

However, you should notify the customer in advance or discuss manual updates so that the customer understands that you are using a shared license. Also, you won’t have any other problems.

Is payment at your Website safe?

GoWordpress commits that all your payment information will handle by 3rd payment gateway, and we do not store any payment information, card information, or personal information. All handle by payment gateways like Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe, etc.

GoWordpress integrates the largest payment gateways in the world with full standards of security and data encryption. You can rest assured shopping at our Website.

The payment gateway does not support my country?

With Paypal, 2Checkout, and VTCPay, we have supported over 180 countries on this earth. We hope you won’t be in the rest of the world. ?

We receive many requests for cryptocurrencies payment gateway, can optionally pay in all parts of the world. Confidential, anonymous, and trendy. You can now use Bitcoin and countless other popular cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, BCH, etc … to buy at GoWordpress.


With old WordPress, lower than version 5.0

    • First, install and activate this plugin – EASY THEME AND PLUGIN UPGRADES
    • Download the latest zip file for your plugin.
    • Log into your WordPress site.
    • Go to Plugins> Add New.
    • Click the “Upload Plugin” button at the top of the page.
    • Select the zip file with the new plugin version to install.
    • Click the “Install Now” button.

With WordPress 5.0 and above

    • You can Add News Plugins and then choose Replace. WordPress will automatically overwrite your plugins in the fastest and easiest way.