PixelYourSite Product Catalog Feed Pro 5.1.2

Latest version: 5.1.2

$5 / year

Create WooCommerce feeds for Facebook Product Catalog, Google Merchant, or Google Adwords Remarketing (custom feed). WooCommerce Products Feed for Facebook Product Catalog. You can create XML feeds for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. Generate WooCommerce XML feeds for your Facebook Product Catalog.

PixelYourSite Product Catalog Feed Pro


Key Features That Will Make Your Work Easier:

Auto-Mapping, so you don’t have to work hard

The plugin will automatically pull the correct data for most (if not all) required fields

Auto-Refresh, so your feeds are updated and you send the correct data

You can set-up an update interval, so your XML feeds are automatically updated. Additionally, you can download each feed as an XML or CSV document.

Packed with smart options

Easily edit or define brand or condition, so your feeds don’t get rejected

Replace CAPITAL letters from product titles, so you can respect Facebook requirements.

Define TAX rules, so your feeds will always show the correct product prices

Image Optimization

One of the biggest problems our clients have when trying to promote a Product Catalog (Dynamic Ads) is that the product images don’t look good with the ads. They are either too big or too small, they don’t fit well and they make the ads look awkward. Because of this, we come up with a few solutions that you can use.

Additional Product Images

You can add 2 different images for each product and each variation in your store:

  • carousel ads (600X600 px)
  • single image ads (1200X628 px)

These images are available for mapping and you can use them for your feed.

Fallback Image

You can define a second rule for the product image, that will be used the if the main image is missing.

Example: The main image linked is mapped to the Yoast Image and the fallback image is mapped to the Product Image (WooCommerce default picture). If a product doesn’t have a Yoast image, then the product image will be used.

Yoast Images

Yoast is probably the most popular SEO plugin out there. You can also use it to upload a social image for each of your products. We make this image available for the mapping, so you can select it when you create or edit a feed.

MashShare Images

MashShare Social Media is another popular plugin that lets you add images for your products. You can use them for the feed as well.

Multilingual Support – WPML

If you’re using WPML to translate your store into multiple languages,  you’re all covered. Our plugin detects the WPML installation and will let you select what language to use for each feed. You also have the option to create a feed with products from ALL languages.

Recommended Strategy: It might be better to create a Product Catalog for each language and target your audiences with ads in their native language when this is possible.


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