Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery 8.07

Latest version: 8.07

$5 / year

Download Global Gallery create fully responsive and adaptable galleries quickly and easily on your website. it can handle unlimited image sources and it has come with three predefine gallery designs, eight ready to use lightboxes and is designed to be displayed on each device. In addition, it comes with a slider and a carousel with all functions.

Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery



  • Unlimited photo galleries. Each one capable of storing thousands of images.
  • 4 gallery designs: standard (still image sizes), in columns, masonry and photo chain (justified)
  • Image tag filter: operates on the images shown or on all pages of the gallery
  • Gallery image system with 6 different designs and multiple customizations
  • Image slider with fixed / responsive size and lightbox support
  • Image carousel with multi-column and image-centric mode + lightbox support
  • Visual gallery generator with drag and drop sorting and thumbnail clipping management
  • Automatic gallery population with automatic cache update
  • Automatic gallery images classified by title, author and date (Note: by date only for WP sources)
  • Unlimited image sources
  • WordPress gallery integration (use the WP engine to configure galleries, sliders, carousels, and image to gallery)
  • 10 light boxes ready to use. Each with specific customizations
  • Pagination of images
  • Gallery collections with a filtering system
  • Three overlay modes (full size, top and bottom bar)
  • Four icons to choose from, for secondary overlay
  • Grayscale and blurred image effects
  • Image watermark system
  • Totally sensitive adapts to any container
  • Practical shortcode assistant
  • Native Integration of Visual Composer, Elementor and Cornerstone
  • Full image sizes, colors, margins, border control
  • Short code options to override paging settings
  • Customizable image sizes configurable for individual galleries
  • Immediate 1-click configuration with 8 preset styles
  • Advanced gallery cache, optimizing resource usage and loading speed
  • Image protection with “right-click”
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