Custom Facebook Feed Pro 4.0.7

Latest version: 4.0.7

$5 / year

The Custom Facebook Feed allows you to display a completely customizable, responsive, and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook page feed on your own website. No more ugly iframes! Super simple to set up and tons of customization options to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site. Why do I need this? Increase Social Engagement Increase engagement between you and your users, customers, or fans members. Get more likes by displaying your Facebook content and comments directly o …


Custom Facebook Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon)


The Custom Facebook Feed allows you to display a completely customizableresponsive, and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook page feed on your own website. No more ugly iframes! Super simple to set up and tons of customization options to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.

Why do I need this?

Increase Social Engagement Increase engagement between you and your users, customers, or fans members. Get more likes by displaying your Facebook content and comments directly on your site.

Save Time Don’t have time to blog? Save time by using the Custom Facebook Feed plugin instead to generate dynamic content for your website.

Display Your Content Your Way Tailor your feeds to display whatever types of content you like. Integrate your Facebook photos, videos, events and more into your website to completely match the look and feel of the site. No more uncustomizable iframes.

Add Dynamic SEO Content to Your Site All of that quality keyword-rich Facebook content from posts and comments is directly embedded into your website.

No Coding Required Choose from tons of built-in customization options to create a truly unique feed of your Facebook content.

Super simple to set up Once installed, you can be displaying your Facebook posts within 30 seconds! No Facebook developer account or access token required!

Mind-blowing Customer Support We understand that sometimes you need help, have issues or just have questions. We love our customers and strive to provide the best support experience in the business. If you need support then just let us know and we’ll get back to you right away.

Advanced Features Need advanced features like Masonry layouts, carousels, or Facebook reviews? Our growing library of extensions has you covered.

What can it do?

  • Display statusesphotosvideoseventslinksalbums and offers from your Facebook page
  • Choose which post types are displayed. Only want to show photos, videos or events? No problem.
  • Display multiple feeds from different Facebook pages on the same page or throughout your site – display feeds from different Facebook pages, define different post types, layouts and styling for each. Want to show only photos from one Facebook page and events from another? No problem.
  • Show likesshares and comments for each post, along with reactionscomment repliesattachments, and stickers
  • Display full-size photos in beautiful, high-resolution.
  • Automatically embeds YouTube and Vimeo videos right in your feed, and supports HD360o, and live Facebook videos.
  • Use the Load More button to infinitely load more content into your feeds
  • Show event information – name, time/date, location, link to a map, description and Facebook event cover photo
  • Display a grid of your Facebook albums choosing from between 1 to 4 columns.
  • Display multiple images in each post and include photo attachments for each post in the pop-up photo lightbox
  • Filter posts by string or #hashtag. Only show posts which contain certain text or hashtags.
  • Post caching means that your feed loads lightning fast. Choose to check for new posts every few seconds, minutes, hours or days.
  • Responsive layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Search engine accessible. Other Facebook plugins use iframes which prevents the content from being crawled by search engines. The Custom Facebook Feed embeds the content directly into your web page.
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Completely Customizable

  • By default the feed will adopt the style of your website, but can be completely customized to look however you like!
  • Choose from 3 preset post layouts, with more to come
  • Choose to show or hide certain parts of the posts
  • Control the width, height, padding and background color of your feed
  • Customize the size, weight and color of text
  • Select the number of posts to display
  • Fully internationalized and translatable into any language
  • Choose to show posts by just the page owner, or by anyone who posts on your timeline
  • Set maximum text lengths for post text and video/photo/link descriptions
  • Choose whether to include a “Like” box at the top or bottom of your feed
  • Select from a range of date formats or enter your own
  • Display a customizable header at the top of your feed and choose from a range of icons
  • Automatically link #hashtags and @tags used in your posts
  • Works with light or dark design schemes
  • Use your own custom link text
  • Choose to show full-size shared link images
  • Enter your own custom CSS or JavaScript for even deeper customization
  • Disable or enable the mobile layout
  • Use the shortcode options to style multiple feeds in completely different ways

Plugin Features

We’ve been on a mission to create a beautifully simple yet deeply customizable Facebook plugin for WordPress which allows anyone, no matter how tech or design savvy, to add great looking feeds of their Facebook content to their WordPress sites.

Super simple to set up

Once installed, you can have everything set up within 30 seconds! Simply pop your Facebook page ID into the Settings page and add the shortcode to any WordPress page, post or widget on your site. It really is that simple.

No design or technical knowledge required

The Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin looks great on your site right out of the box. It’s designed to inherit the same fonts, colors and other styles that your WordPress theme uses and so it doesn’t require any work to get it looking great. We’ve also added tons of customization options so that you can fine tune exactly how it looks and how your Facebook content is displayed.

Responsive and mobile optimized

You made sure to choose a responsive WordPress theme so make sure that your Facebook plugin is also responsive to match. The Custom Facebook Feed WordPress plugin has been created from the ground-up with mobile devices in mind, so that it looks great on any screen size and any device.

Multiple Facebook feeds with no limitations

Display as many feeds as you like, either on the same page or throughout your site, and customize each one using our powerful shortcode options. Want to display photos in one feed and events in another? Not a problem!

Search engine accessible

Other Facebook plugins use iframes which prevents the content from being crawled by search engines. The Custom Facebook Feed embeds your Facebook content directly into your web page to help improve your pages relevant dynamic content.

Comprehensive post caching

Our post caching system intelligently caches different parts of your feed to minimize Facebook requests and help your content to load lightning fast.

Embed videos and interactive Flash content

Embed Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo videos directly in your feed, along with any interactive Flash content. Choose whether to allow users to play them in your feed, in a pop-up lightbox or link to Facebook.

Pop-up media lightbox

View the photos and videos from your feed in a beautiful pop-up lightbox which allows users to experience your content without leaving your site.

Choose which types of posts to display

You have full control over which types of posts you want to display in your feed, and can create multiple feeds with different post types in each. How about one feed for news, another for photos, and a third for events? No problem.

Control which parts of your posts are displayed

Truly customize your posts by choosing which parts of them to show or hide. Create a minimalistic feed, go all out and include everything, or meet somewhere in the middle.

Comments, likes, shares and comment replies

Display any likes, shares, comments, and reactions in a customizable drop-down box below each post, including comment replies and image attachments.

Share your posts directly from your site

Our built-in share options make it easy for users to share your Facebook posts directly from your website to various social media networks, encouraging them to share your content with others.

Infinitely load more posts

Use the Load More button at the bottom of each feed to infinitely load more posts, events, photos, videos, or albums. Customize the button text, colors, and font to look exactly as you’d like.

HD, 360o, and Live video

View videos in full-screen HD, or manually change the resolution as needed. Support for 360o video allows users to interact with the video directly on your site. Broadcast Live videos directly in your feed in real-time.

Display content from different parts of your Facebook page

Timeline posts

Photos page

Events page

Videos page

Albums page


Multiple images per post

Display posts with multiple images in a multi-image layout just like on Facebook. This allows you to showcase more of your content right in your feed without needing to open the lightbox.

Post attachments

View all of the attachments on each post directly in the popup lightbox, allowing your users to explore your post content without leaving your site.

Preset post layouts

Choose from 3 preset post layouts and customize each one with our built-in customization settings.

Filter posts by hashtag or words

Use our filter settings to only show posts from your Facebook page which contain specific words or hashtags, or do the opposite and hide any posts which contain them.

Linked hashtags and post tags

Automatically link your hashtags and post tags to the relevant Facebook pages, just like on Facebook, to give your users a more authentic Facebook experience on your own website.

You decide whose posts are included

Choose to include posts by only the page owner, by everyone, or by everyone except for the page owner. You can also use a simple code snippet to hide any specific posts that you don’t want to include in your feed, or posts which contain certain words or phrases.

International language support

Fully localized and translatable – choose your Facebook locale and manually translate any text strings to any language.

Advanced customization through code snippets

Use CSS and JavaScript snippets to achieve advanced customizations that you didn’t even know were possible! Create your own or use some of ours.

Solidly built and tested to minimize conflicts

We test all of our code rigorously to ensure that it won’t cause any issues on your WordPress site. We understand how frustrating it can be when a plugin causes issues or conflicts with your theme and so we’ve ensured that the Custom Facebook Feed plugin is solidly built and well tested to minimize any potential problems.

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